Did You Know You’re Putting Toxins on Your Skin Everyday?

Have you ever considered that what you put on your face can have an affect on your baby?

Let’s just think for a moment. When our babies get to the age of I want everything in my mouth we tend to get pretty anal about the cleanliness of things and what we allow in arms reach of them. Because we all know, if they can grab it, they can and will put it in their mouth!

So why should our face be any different?! If your baby is anything like mine, then they are constantly grabbing your face and trying to chew on your nose anytime you get close enough to their mouth. So let’s take a minute to put some things into perspective…

You only clean your house with natural all purpose cleaners or essential oil concoctions (hey me too!), you do laundry way more than you should because if it touches the floor (which you vacuum & clean religiously) it is not safe for baby. And you only feed them organic homemade baby food. Now don’t get me wrong, none of the above are bad things!


Every morning you wake up and cover your face in toxins. What do you mean I cover my face in toxins?! You know your trusted Cover Girl mascara? Full of toxins like SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and parabens (you know those handy dandy hormone disrupters that are linked to increased risks of breast cancer). Even better? Your go-to drugstore foundation; depending on the specific one, chances are it’s filled with multiple chemicals and toxins, including the endocrine disrupting parabens previously mentioned.

Now I think we can all agree that those are exactly the sort of things we try to desperately to avoid for our babies! So I’m hoping right about now you’re wanting to throw out your cosmetic drawer and start fresh! This is great, but can be seriously overwhelming and time consuming! Uhm does this lady not know I’m a mom and I don’t have time to Google every ingredient listed in my cosmetics!? Relax, of course I do! That is exactly why I am not going to leave you head spinning and wondering where on earth to start!

To get your feet wet, check out Keep Me Safe Organics (KMSO) whenever you have a brief moment. They are completely free of the yucky toxins previously mentioned in this article, as well as many more! Take a look at the graphic below for a snapshot of even more toxins their products are free from!

Click the graphic to browse KMSO products!

Pretty awesome, I know. I love this stuff. My current favorite of theirs is the Rejuvenating Glacier Mud Mask. It is so cooling, fantastic and leaves your skin feeling like before you had kids!

Check it out below and click the photo to get yours!

Semi-sane and overly-caffeinated. Happy mama & happy wife. Everyday is an adventure, so you might as well tag along!
  1. Wow this is so important! I never used to think about what I put on my face, but once you realize what it is doing to your body and the world you know all natural is the way to go. We are designed to work with nature idk why people are so easy to use chemicals all the time. Great post!

  2. I’ve been digging into this science lately and I was stunned about the health impact beauty products have! Great post – it is so important to tell everyone. 🙂

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