The One Thing Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Oh snap, I’m pregnant. Now what?

After discovering you’re pregnant, chances are you turn to google to get as many answers as you can. With all the contradiction and grey area, you then turn to the trusty (and when I say trusty I say it with extreme sarcasm) Facebook Mom groups.

You make it a habit to read through all the posts, hoping someone has already asked the questions you currently  have swirling around in your head, and that your answers are simply a comment thread away.

Should a problem or concern arise, your first instinct is to ask your trusty Mom group, what do I do? Should I be worried? and you’ll probably get a swarm of that happened to me and everything is fine, don’t worry about it and oh that’s totally normal, just lay down.

Now I’m going to tell you how much I absolutely hate seeing those posts, and why. 95% of the time, said posts are referring to reduced movements. You know what else kind of posts I see too often? We lost our baby today because something was wrong and I didn’t go in.

The single most important thing I have to say regarding pregnancy

Listen. You are in charge of keeping your baby healthy and safe. You know your body, and baby, better than anyone. If you feel like something isn’t right, chances are it’s because it’s not. GO GET CHECKED.

You can never be too safe when it comes to the well being of your baby. You know that old saying, better safe than sorry? That should be your mantra during pregnancy.

Lastly I want to address the reason the majority of women are so hesitant to get checked if they feel something isn’t right.

But what if it’s nothing? Well good if it’s nothing, we hope and pray that it ends up being nothing. You shouldn’t ever feel bad for going in to make sure everything is fine, because guess what? It is literally the nurses and doctors job to do so.

That is what they are there for, that is what they get paid to do. Don’t you ever feel bad or feel like you’re wasting their time because you want to get checked and everything ends up being just fine and dandy. I personally went to the hospital two or there times before giving birth because I felt like something was wrong. I was lucky, because each time everything was fine. And you know what? I don’t regret going in, I’m not sorry at all.

One more important thing, don’t you ever let a doctor or nurse, or anyone at the hospital, brush you off. I have read one too many heartbreaking stories about women being turned away and told they were just worrying for no reason and end up paying the ultimate price.

You go to the hospital when you have any concerns, and you do not leave until you are fully checked. Please remember, your baby’s life depends on you. Don’t listen to strangers on the internet, don’t listen to google, and don’t doubt yourself. They call it mothers instinct for a reason. 

Semi-sane and overly-caffeinated. Happy mama & happy wife. Everyday is an adventure, so you might as well tag along!
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