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The Easiest Way to Support Your Friends & Family

We live in a day and age that makes it really really easy to support other people. Whether it be in their business, hobbies, or daily life- it is SO easy. The other super great thing? It doesn’t cost you a dime. Most of the time, it’s as easy as clicking the ‘share’ button! Really, it’s that simple. You don’t have to buy things from your friends to support their business or their hobbies. You just have to be there to cheer them on, and you don’t even have to be their physically! You just have to be open. So simple, yet so many of us don’t do it!

You Got a Business?

I truly love supporting other people’s goals and dreams. I love seeing Jackie on her makeup hustle. I love seeing Alexa surpass her goal of 20 items sold during her live. I love seeing that Tammy reached a new level in her company. I think it’s so awesome that Sam is making his own furniture now. I LOVE when people are moving up in the world. One thing I want you to know about me is that I may not be able to support you financially, I may not be able to buy whatever it is you’re selling, but I will do everything else in my power to support you. I will share your posts. I will comment. I will tag friends and I will add friends. I will spread the word in anyway I can to help your business grow!

You Got Hobbies?

You got hobbies? Tell me all about it. Send me progress pictures. Show me what the final product looks like. I am here to cheer you on and to encourage you to finish the extremely difficult stitch you decided to try when knitting a new blanket. I’m all about it, even if I can’t relate. It always kinda blows my mind, because for most us, we don’t hesitate to share the latest tragedy on the news, or whatever “#challenge” is currently trending. Which reminds me, Keke, do you love me? Hahaha, good one right? Okay I know I’m the only one that laughs at my jokes, but I try!

The point is, we share all this random stuff, that doesn’t benefit anyone we know (okay minus  the cute dog videos, those definitely benefit everybody). But we scroll passed Tammy talking about how much healthier she is since taking these amazing vitamins? Or the fact that we click on the Jeffree Star makeup tutorial (because he doesn’t have enough money or fans, right?) but we don’t take two minutes to hop on and say hi to Jackie as she shows off her favorite foundation. Now I’m not saying you can’t watch your fav MUA’s on YouTube. But take 30 seconds to share your friends live. Take a moment to watch and to interact, it really helps, and I promise they will appreciate it sooo much.

“But I’m Not Interested in What They Have”

Even if vitamins aren’t your thing, and maybe neither is makeup, that’s not the point. Somebody else you know lives for makeup. Someone else you know has been thinking about getting healthier and is looking to invest in some vitamins and supplements. You taking the tiny millisecond it  takes to hit the share button is helping your friend or loved one in more ways than you know! Ya, it can be annoying sometimes. Sometimes they can be spammy, but be nice and give them some feedback. It’s a hard balance of putting yourself out there and getting the word out, but not coming across as spammy and annoying. Be gracious and kind. It always goes a long way.

Simple Things You Can Do to Show You Care 

  • Did Sam create a new business page for his furniture making? Go like it. Invite your friends to like it.
  • Is Jackie doing a giveaway to grow her makeup biz? Participate in that giveaway. Share her posts and tag your friends!
  • Does Tammy go Live every Wednesday at 5 pm? Tune in even if it’s only for a minute or two! Leave a comment, let her know you’re there.


Now I know not everyone has a business or hobby they’re promoting on facebook. But your loved ones need your support in their daily life. Everything I mentioned above was geared toward your modern ‘entrepreneur’ but I also have some advice for those in your life who are not taking on a business!


How to Support Your Friends + Family in Everyday Life

I get it, not everyone is a modern day business mogul.  Maybe the majority of your friends are nurses, or teachers. They may not need your support on social media but I promise you they need it in every day life. Life can be really stinking hard sometimes. I don’t care how happy and perfect you think Suzy Sunshine’s life is. I promise you she has bad days too, and needs a friendly reminder that everything will be okay.

The simple truth is that everybody you know is fighting a battle you can’t see. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives, our own problems, our little universe, that we don’t see those around us crumbling. Being a kind person on the daily is something we should all strive for. That stranger on the internet that you’re arguing with? Maybe their spouse is in the hospital. That barista who got your drink wrong? Her fiancé just called the engagement off after three years.

I’m not saying it’s okay to walk all over people when you’re going through a hard time, but I am saying to being gracious because some people just don’t handle stress or tragedy as well as others. You complimenting her hair as you passed by could’ve completely turned her day around. It really is that simple. Be. A. Decent. Human. Being.

The Simple Things You Can do on the Daily

  • COMPLIMENT COMPLIMENT COMPLIMENT. You like her shirt? TELL HER. You think she is the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen? LET HER KNOW. You like his hair cut? Watch his face light up when you let him know! Don’t keep compliments to yourself, LET PEOPLE KNOW!
  • CHECK IN. Check in with your friends, and your family. Ask them how they’re doing, how they’re really doing. Ask them if there’s anything you can help them with. Send encouraging scripture, quotes, or throwback pictures of you guys together! I promise it will lift their mood tremendously.
  • Practice grace. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God (Ephesians 2:8). You see, we ourselves are under the grace of God. Naturally, we should practice it as well. Be gracious. Be kind, and do unto others as you would have done unto you.


Bottom line is that there are a million and one ways you can support someone. Find what method best suits you, and just do it. Be that person everyone can count on. They’ll feel great, you’ll feel great, and the world will be a better place. That simple!

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Semi-sane, semi-crunchy, & overly-caffeinated first time mama trying to keep it real in all aspects of life. I survive on coffee, leggings, dry shampoo, and a few curse words. Life's a ride & I hope you'll tag along with me!

Semi-sane, semi-crunchy, & overly-caffeinated first time mama trying to keep it real in all aspects of life. I survive on coffee, leggings, dry shampoo, and a few curse words. Life's a ride & I hope you'll tag along with me!


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