Makeup Monday Roundup: Korres, Nyx, EOS, & Hair Food

I’m bringing Makeup Monday back with a BANG.  It couldn’t have been a better time because I was sent a voxbox by Influenster and it was jam-packed with goodies to review! Now onto the good stuff! I’ll be reviewing some skincare, makeup, shaving cream, and hair care products! If you’re not familiar with Korres Skincare (I wasn’t until I received this voxbox) you definitely need to check them out! Not to get too ahead of myself, BUT, I may have found the world’s greatest smelling shampoo and conditioner. Read on for all the deets!

**This post contains affiliate links. All products reviewed were sent to me for free. For more information see here**

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Best Face Forward

The best makeup for your face? Your skin care routine! I promise the best way to achieve a flawless face is not by covering it up with makeup, it’s by having a topnotch skincare routine and doing your best to take care of it.

I’ve learned this the hard way as I’m actually quite terrible at sticking to a routine, and my skin suffers because of it! I’ve tried so many routines and products and honestly just got discouraged after not seeing even the slightest bit difference in my skin. Needless to say I was super excited yet oh so skeptical when I received the pomegranate resurfacing mask by Korres in my voxbox.

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The Deets

  • First Impression: IT SMELLS HEAVENLY
  • It has a very grainy texture, which I personally love
  • Your skin WILL feel better after one use
  • It has ZERO parabens or sulfates
  • It’s cruelty free!

My final thoughts? This is 100% going to be one of my go-to skincare products. A weekly face mask can do wonders for your skin- especially paired with a daily skincare routine! My skin looked and felt smoother, more even skin tone, and my pores were visibly smaller. Absolutely loved this product.

Worth the Hype Lashes

I’ll admit, my makeup routine has become pretty much nonexistent since having a baby – BUT- the one thing I still don’t leave the house without is mascara. I have my favorites, but I’m always down to test out new ones! I’ve been a fan of NYX since my middle school days (hello, glitter and neon everything), but this was my first time trying mascara from them. I’m going to break down some details for you and I’m going to be honest here, at first glance I was not impressed.

The Deets

  • First Impression: the wand looked extremely flimsy and cheap- I was genuinely shocked when I opened the tube.
  • Application/Formula: went on smoothly, lightweight, and definitely buildable.
  • The Look: It definitely gives your lashes the “feathery” look, which happens to be my favorite! It was a little light for my liking, but as I said it is definitely buildable so when you want a darker/more  dramatic look you can absolutely get there.

My final thoughts? I would buy this product. It definitely doesn’t replace my go-to mascaras, but has easily jumped to my top five! For an $8 mascara, you really can’t go wrong. If you typically have a different mascara for daytime and nighttime looks, I would highly recommend this product. You can easily go from natural to dramatic! In conclusion, this mascara is in fact Worth the Hype.

One coat of NYX Worth the Hype Mascara. Click to shop!

EOS Shave Cream

First I’d like to say that I never use shaving cream, so I didn’t have any expectations going into this, but I knew exactly how to put it to the test! The ONLY time I ever get razor burn, is if I shave before I go to the beach. I could shave my legs at 5 am, not go to the beach until 5 pm, and my legs will still get razor burn! It’s the most frustrating thing. I was given the Sensitive shave cream to try out, SO I knew I had to test this out before going to the beach.

eos shave cream, mascara, and face mask laying on a bright green bed of grass

The Deets

  • First Impression: I liked the silky feel and the fact it didn’t have a crazy strong scent.
  • It contains Aloe, wild oat, and lavender butter.
  • It’s $4.49 for 7 fl oz and a little goes a long way.
  • It did in fact leave my skin feeling ultra smooth and hydrated.
  • Did it pass the beach test? YES!!!

My final thoughts? It left my skin feeling ultra smooth and hydrated, which is typically what I use lotion for, but it was nice being able to skip that. IT PASSED THE BEACH TEST which means that I will absolutely 100% being buying this product all summer long, so I can *finally* avoid razor burn at the beach! If you have problems with razor burn, I highly suggest going to your local Target and grabbing some of this!

Hair Food- Apricot + Honey

You guuuyyysssss, this stuff is SO SO good. Definitely my favorite product out of the whole bunch! Hair Food is a new hair care line by Clairol, and they have a few different scents to choose from. I was sent the Apricot + Honey shampoo and conditioner to try out, and I was not disappointed! As you can tell from the before and after picture, my hair is in real rough shape. But you can also see my hair looks more hydrated and smooth after just one wash! I was super impressed.

The Deets

  • First Impression: the smell was HEAVENLY I’m not even joking I would use it solely for that reason.
  • The formula is super lightweight and doesn’t really get all sudsy (due to the fact it is silicone and paraben free)
  • It restores moisture to your hair and helps keep your locks silky smooth and plump!

My final thoughts? This is my new shampoo and conditioner, hands down. It smells so fresh and real, not a fake synthetic fruit smell. The line also has a corresponding hair mask which I have not tried yet, but it has great reviews so I plan to.

It’s a Wrap!

Wow, this Makeup Monday was definitely a lot! I hope I was able to shed some light on potential products you’ve been eyeing. If you have tried any of the products mentioned above, feel free to leave your own review in the comments below! I’d love to hear your input as well. Much love as always!

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Semi-sane, semi-crunchy, & overly-caffeinated first time mama trying to keep it real in all aspects of life. I survive on coffee, leggings, dry shampoo, and a few curse words. Life's a ride & I hope you'll tag along with me!

Semi-sane, semi-crunchy, & overly-caffeinated first time mama trying to keep it real in all aspects of life. I survive on coffee, leggings, dry shampoo, and a few curse words. Life's a ride & I hope you'll tag along with me!

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