Makeup Monday: Conquer the Day

Kick the Monday Blues

Time to turn Mondaze into Monyay!

This Monday in particular is a special one for me, because I’m launching my top knot biz, and you’ll be able to shop right here on my blog! Also, my weekend was literally so crazy, for once I was totally looking forward to the grind of the week.

Now on a serious note, if you truly dread Mondays, ask yourself why? Is it your job? What exactly about the work week do you hate? I’ve come to the point in my life that if I’m not passionate about it, I’m not doing it. Life is way too short to be wasting away at a 9-5 that you hate. And you know what? We are so lucky. We are so lucky because we live in the age of technology and million dollar companies being built out of dorm rooms and one bedroom apartments. It’s possible, now more than ever, to be young and successful and not even have to leave your house.

Okay I got a little sidetracked (I know there is a boss babe in you waiting to shine, embrace it!), so back to makeup!

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Being a stay at home mom makes it super easy to slack off when it comes to yourself. I’ll admit that more days than not, I didn’t get out of my jammies or lounge clothes. My hair was pretty much permanently in a messy bun (and not the cute kind), and makeup was a major rarity!

The thing that I finally realized was, not getting yourself ready for the day is just going to make it that much easier to not accomplish what you need to get done. Get up, get dressed, put some makeup on (I’m not talking anything crazy like contour + falsies, I’m talking simple mascara + lipstick), and conquer the day!

Keeping it Simple: My Go To

When it comes to makeup and skincare, I really try to stick to organic products. HOWEVER, I am a total sucker for Maybelline. Maybe it’s because it’s the first makeup I got when I was allowed to wear it, maybe it’s because no matter the condition my skin is in, I know it won’t disappoint me!

I’m usually a matte person when it comes to foundation, and I try to steer clear of dewy foundations. BUT, Influenster sent me a VoxBox to try out the new Fit Me Dewy + Smooth and Master Prime primer for free. I did not think I was going to like it, because of my combination skin and the fact that I’m going through an oily spell.

Alas, I was so so pleasantly surprised. Honestly. It is now my go to, which had previously been the Fit Me matte foundation. It just gives the most natural glow, and the illusion I don’t have a crazy 9 month old. 10/10 recommend for all my fellow mammas out there!

I’m obsessed you guys. Literally, it takes me 5 minutes. Wash my face, primer, put foundation on with my beauty blender, and I’m ready to conquer the day.

If I have an extra minute to spare, I swipe on some nudes from may favorite Urban Decay palette! Now I want to know, what is your go to makeup product(s)?


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