I Tried the Gary Vaynerchuk 18 Hour Work Day: Here’s What Happened


Are you a #bossbabe who is totally #hustling?

It’s all too easy to browse Pinterest and get lost in a sea of #bossbabe quotes. I don’t deny they can inspire an overwhelming sense of motivation… for about five minutes.

Sure, saving your favorite quotes and listening to your favorite motivational speakers is great, but if you’re just watching and listening… that’s where it gets not so great.

Hustling, or working your booty off, to make your dreams a reality takes muuuuch more than inspirational quotes, podcasts, and catchy hashtags. It takes actions. Rome wasn’t built on hopes and dreams, after all.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I often fall victim to the false sense of achievement you can get from ‘motivational’ speakers. They can make you feel like you are doing everything you can when in reality you’re not. I came to a point where I truly believed I was doing everything I could and now it would just take time for my goals to come to fruition, but boy oh boy was I wrong.

Acknowledgement + Acceptance

Once you acknowledge that staying stagnant is NOT doing you any good, and you can in fact work harder, the real hustling can begin.

One of my favorite people to watch is Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee). He does daily vlogs and is uber successful. From books, to speeches, to investments, he also has his own company, VaynerMedia. He’s just all around an awesome, hardworking dude who keeps it blunt. He doesn’t hold back when giving advice, and has a talent for telling people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.

Got dreams? Start chasing them!

If you’re lucky enough and are able to be a stay at home mom, you have a wonderful opportunity to provide for your family in the best way. I’m so very blessed, because of my hard working husband I get to stay at home with our beautiful baby girl! It also means I have ample opportunity to actively work towards my goals and dreams.

Now, having ample opportunity doesn’t mean it’s easy to make the most of it. I had been stuck in a rut where I felt I was working a lot without getting the results I wanted. That’s when I decided to try out an 18 hour work day, and it made me realize how much time I was wasting.

I challenge you to break down your day and write out exactly what you do, and the time it takes you. I promise you have a lot more time to get stuff done than you think!

My results + the bottom line:

After my 18 hour work day, my previous record for most views in a single day had more than DOUBLED, and my average daily traffic increased by 800%!!! That single 18 hour work day had created so much momentum that for the days following, my views had utterly skyrocketed.

The bottom line, you absolutely can achieve the things you want in life, but it takes a loooooot of work. If you don’t work for it, it won’t happen. Everybody wants to live the millionaire life with minimum wage effort. That just isn’t going to cut it. Put in the work, and you WILL see results.

To further prove my point, I haven’t worked a single 18 hour day since, and guess what? I have not come close to any of the records I achieved that day, or even the days after. It totally showed me exactly what I have to do to get to where I want to be.

Please do yourself a favor and just try it out for one day. I promise it will open your eyes and you will be able to better figure out what and how you are going to reach your goals.

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