Bissell Crosswave First Impression: Is It Really Worth the Money?

You’ve seen the videos on Facebook. You’ve heard of all the miraculous ways your life would change if you got it. You marvel at the mere sight of it and sit in contemplation every time you see an ad for it.

But then you see the bad things. You see that it’s difficult to clean, hard to assemble, takes too much time, and too expensive. With so many contradicting claims out there, what are you supposed to do?

Well my dear friends, that is where I come in.

My Expectations Before Using It

I tried to keep my expectations low, because I don’t like to be disappointed. Especially when it comes to items that cost a good chunk of change. Though I kept my expectations at bay, my hopes were sky high.

Before trying the Crosswave, my daily floor routine went a little something like this: sweep, vacuum, sweep again, mop, vacuum again, mop again, and oh look my floors are still dirty. I kid you not, I would sweep, vacuum, and mop, and you would still be able to see little pupper paw prints everywhere. It was literally so bad that I never let Lils crawl on the floor because they were never clean as they should be. Sad right?!

Needless to say, I needed the Crosswave in my life. My sanity basically depended on it.

Assembling the Crosswave

I want to make a quick little disclaimer and let you know that I do not assemble anything. Ever. That’s what husbands are  for am I right?! BUT, due to my hubbs being out in the field, I didn’t have a choice. Who would’ve guessed it took me a whole two seconds!

Moral of the story: assembly is easy peasy, no tools or men needed.


First thing you should know, it’s pretty loud. My previous vacuum was on the quieter side, but this puppy scared the life out of my dogs, and my poor baby girl! However, it is pretty light weight, and swivels so nicely, I no longer have to move all my furniture.

Now for the puppy paw test; I went to the spot that had the most noticeable paw prints and started there. YOU GUYS. Literally my floors have never been as clean as they are now. I was instantly obsessed. I actually look forward to cleaning my floors now.

The Clean Up

Now, the majority of negative comments were in regards to the clean up process. But here’s the thing…..

I have no idea why. It’s as easy as can be. The Crosswave has two tanks, so the dirty water never meets the clean water. All you have to do is take out the dirty water tank and rinse it out. There is a lid and filter on it to rinse off as well but still. Super easy.

You also just pop the brush out, rinse that off and bam. Good to go!

The Bottom Line

I believe that the hype is true. It is honestly the greatest thing ever. It’s easy, it’s fast, and you can do it while holding a baby. The price may seem like a bit much, but I really believe it’s worth it, and can actually save you money in the long run!

I was hoping to get a video testing it out, but my floors weren’t showing up on camera. BUT. It is supposed to rain in a few days and when it does, my floors will be covered in muddy prints. I will get a video of it in action and post it to my Facebook Page.

Have you tried the Crosswave? If so, what did you think? If not, do you want to?

Semi-sane and overly-caffeinated. Happy mama & happy wife. Everyday is an adventure, so you might as well tag along!
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  1. I have it and I love it! I assumed it would be more of a deep cleaning tool and it’s not so much, but I’m still 100% happy with the results and the amount of time I save by using it. Love your review! It hits everything a buyer would want to know before purchasing. 🙂

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