All the FREE Trials You Need This Holiday Season

We live in the age of technology, and there’s not much we can’t do online. Of all the subscriptions and services that exist in the world today (thank you Amazon!), I have comprised a list of all the super awesome free trial deals happening this holiday season!

*This post contains affiliate links. What does this mean? If you click a link on this page, then you create a profile or buy a product/service, I get a commission for that. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but it does help me support my little fam!*

If you’re not an Amazon believer quite yet, there’s no better way to test the waters than with a FREE trial. Just take a look at all the awesome things they have to offer!

The 10 Free Trials (you really need) List:

  1. Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial (Book nerds rejoice!)
  2. Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial (We’re all human, and we all love to jam!)
  3. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial (I live for Prime. Free 2 day shipping guaranteed? Yes please!)
  4. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks (Pop your headphones and listen to a great book while doing all the busy things you need to do!)
  5. Join HBO Free Trial (Game of Thrones, anyone?!)
  6. Join SHOWTIME Free Trial
  7. AmazonFresh (Grocery delivery service for those of us who loathe grocery shopping!)
  8. Join Prime Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Students
  9. Twitch Prime (Where are all my gamers at?!)
  10. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices (This app is always free, so you can buy your ebooks and read anywhere!)

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Semi-sane and overly-caffeinated. Happy mama & happy wife. Everyday is an adventure, so you might as well tag along!
  1. Amazingg!! I absolutely love this. Bookmarked. 😉

  2. You are a saint! What a great post, I will definitely be giving a couple of these trials a go! Thank you!

  3. Great list!! I will be becoming a stay at home mom on December 1st, so I will definitely be bookmarking this and coming back!!

    1. That is such awesome news!!! Congrats and enjoy it ♥️

  4. This is a great list of free trials! I’m an Amazon Prime member and a big fan of everything Amazon-related. My husband recently did the HBO free trial so that we could catch up on Game of Thrones.

  5. Love that I found an Amazon point person. Thanks for putting this together. 💗 Bookmarked 👍🏼

  6. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many free trials going on right now. Thanks for this list, I can’t wait to try them all out.

  7. I just realized these were all Amazon. Pretty cool and helpful during this time of year! Any suggestions for those of us who are already Prime members?

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