Makeup Remover Hits + Misses

It’s Makeup Monday, and for this weeks edition we’re trying out some makeup removers. Watch any makeup guru on youtube, and I guarantee they will stress how important taking your makeup off is for your skin! My skin is far from great and honestly it’s probably partly because I went to bed with my makeup still on one too many times.  These days, the only makeup I wear is mascara, (and even that is a rare occasion) which just so happens to be the hardest kind of makeup to remove! I never ever use waterproof or anything crazy like that, and yet so many makeup wipes majorly fail at taking it off.doterra lavender essential oil and makeup remover wipes on a steel blue fur rug

You might be surprised at some of the things I use to take makeup off, and even more so at what works best. Before we dive in I’d like to mention that I was sent some wipes by Swisspers and Influenster to test out. The rest of the items mentioned are things I already bought and had laying around! As always, when reviewing a product I received for free, my opinions are not swayed. I will tell it like it is regardless!

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Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Liquid

Fun fact: this was the first makeup remover I ever used! My grandma used it, and would get me some whenever she did. She has always had the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen, and she always told me it was because she always washed her face. This remover is pretty potent, but it does get the job done pretty well. Though this is not my everyday remover, I still use it occasionally if I’m in a time crunch!

Hit or Miss? Both

  • For me this is a little of both- it works BUT there are some things I really hate about it.
  • The smell. It says it is 100% fragrance free, but it contains cucumber fruit extract, green tea extract, and aloe extract. Now usually I like the smell of those things, but for some reason it comes off as heavy nail polish remover. It’s so strong it kind of makes me sick sometimes.
  • If you’re sensitive to smells, you should definitely steer clear.
  • I don’t have sensitive skin my any means, (middle school me put straight GLITTER on her eyelids.. so ya..) but this was harsh. It dried out my skin and I had the instant urge to cover my face in moisturizer.
  • Overall, this product does do what it is supposed to do, but it has some unpleasant sides to it.

Swisspers Fragrance Free Makeup Removal Wipes

I hadn’t heard of Swisspers until I received the Spark VoxBox from Influenster, so I had no idea what to expect! However, I had some strong first impressions, and specific hopes while opening it up. (I wanted to link them above, but they’re just so good they’ve already sold out! I’ll update when I find them available)

Hit or Miss? Hit

  • The first thing I noticed was the packaging- which I think is so cute! To me, it totally screams freshness.
  • Second thing I noticed was the “Made in the USA” symbol! I looove using products made in the USA, tho it can be hard to find sometimes. Always a plus!
  • One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered with any sort of wipe, is the crappy seal in the packaging. The little hole the wipes come out of? If it doesn’t have a good seal/lid, they’re going to dry out real quick! So I was pleasantly surprised when I cracked these babies open, it was airtight.
  • The thickness and overall durability of the wipes are really nice- they’re also so big I cut them in half and use one piece at a time.
  • Made with all natural cotton. No oils or alcohol. Biodegradable and hypoallergenic.
  • My only complaint- raccoon eyes. It took my mascara off- mostly. Whatever residue wasn’t left on my lashes, was left on eyelids. I scrubbed hard but still looked like a faint mombie.
  • Overall, I do like these. Even with the mascara, the wetness from the wipes was enough that all I had to do was take my towel and rub the final remnants off.

Lavender Essential Oil + Coconut Oil

Okay, you know me and my love for essential oils. I’m never joking when I say there’s an oil for that! My favorite part about this magic combo- it doesn’t just take your makeup off. It’s also full of benefits for your face; which I’ll dive into below.

Hit or Miss? Hit

  • Fun fact: lavender nourishes your eyelashes and promotes growth. Pro tip- put a drop or two in your mascara to add nourishment, and to get more life out of your tube!
  • Coconut oil is a gentle way to remove hard to get off mascara- say bye bye ti pulling out your lashes!
  • Au Natural. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it’s about as pure and natural as you can possibly get.
  • Bonus: lavender is known for its calming properties. Use it to remove your makeup before bed and get a dose of calm as well!
  • Overall, this is my favorite method of make up remover. Just be careful with the coconut oil- a little goes a long way!

Veráge Cleanser

Again with the oils, but this is actually a facial cleanser. I’d like to add that I have never used a cleanser that was able to remove my mascara and actually leave my face feeling fresh without having to also use makeup remover. It was always a two step process, if not more. This cleanser is by far the best cleanser I have ever used! It gently removes mascara in a breeze. I loooove it.

Hit or Miss? Hit

  • Contains wild orange, basil, and maleleuca oil.
  • A little goes a long way- seriously all I use is a petite pea size amount!
  • Natural gel formula leaves your skin feeling beyond FRESH and invigorated!
  • It’s Doterra. It’s amazing.
  • Overall, it’s an outstanding cleanser. If you’re looking for a one step makeup remover routine I 10/10 recommend this cleanser.


When in doubt, essential oil it out! Seriously you guys there is an oil for everything. I will always choose to use essential oils over some processed chemical filled products you find in the stores. Now of course that it isn’t always an option, so I like to find the lesser of the evils! Do you have any unconventional ways to remove your makeup? Any must haves? Do you use any essential oils as part of your skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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Semi-sane, semi-crunchy, & overly-caffeinated first time mama trying to keep it real in all aspects of life. I survive on coffee, leggings, dry shampoo, and a few curse words. Life's a ride & I hope you'll tag along with me!

Semi-sane, semi-crunchy, & overly-caffeinated first time mama trying to keep it real in all aspects of life. I survive on coffee, leggings, dry shampoo, and a few curse words. Life's a ride & I hope you'll tag along with me!

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