Makeup Remover Hits + Misses

It's Makeup Monday, and for this weeks edition we're trying out some makeup removers. Watch any makeup guru on youtube, and I guarantee they will stress how important taking your makeup off is for your skin! My skin is far from great and honestly it's probably partly because I went to bed with my makeup still

Makeup Monday Roundup: Korres, Nyx, EOS, & Hair Food

I'm bringing Makeup Monday back with a BANG.  It couldn't have been a better time because I was sent a voxbox by Influenster and it was jam-packed with goodies to review! Now onto the good stuff! I'll be reviewing some skincare, makeup, shaving cream, and hair care products! If you're not familiar with Korres Skincare

Makeup Monday: Conquer the Day

Kick the Monday Blues Time to turn Mondaze into Monyay! This Monday in particular is a special one for me, because I'm launching my top knot biz, and you'll be able to shop right here on my blog! Also, my weekend was literally so crazy, for once I was totally looking forward to the grind of

DIY Whipped Coconut Butter

Keeping the love flowing all month long- and by love I mean luxurious. Spread the love and whip up this super easy coconut butter for all your love bugs! ♥️ What You Need Organic Coconut Oil Essential Oil (I used Citrus Bliss, but you can use whatever you like) Mason Jar Hand Mixer What To

What to do When the Sickness Hits Your Home: The Essential Oil Way

The sickness. You know exactly what I'm talking about it. It's inevitable. It's not a will it infiltrate my home but more of a when will it break through my walls? If you happen to be dealing with s sick household, put down the lysol and read this! Preventative Measures There are many preventative measures you can take when it's that time.

Diving in to Zendocrine: Essential Oils & How They Benefit You from the Inside Out

What are essential oils? Hang on tight ladies because I'm about to get totally GEEKY! If there's one thing I need on the daily (besides coffee of course), it is ESSENTIAL OILS. Literally, I use them for absolutely everything under the sun. Sore throat? Essential oils. Cleaning? Essential oils. Headache or nausea? ESSENTIAL OILS. Now a