The One Thing Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Oh snap, I'm pregnant. Now what? After discovering you're pregnant, chances are you turn to google to get as many answers as you can. With all the contradiction and grey area, you then turn to the trusty (and when I say trusty I say it with extreme sarcasm) Facebook Mom groups. You make it a habit

I Tried the Gary Vaynerchuk 18 Hour Work Day: Here’s What Happened

Are you a #bossbabe who is totally #hustling? It's all too easy to browse Pinterest and get lost in a sea of #bossbabe quotes. I don't deny they can inspire an overwhelming sense of motivation... for about five minutes. Sure, saving your favorite quotes and listening to your favorite motivational speakers is great, but if

DIY Whipped Coconut Butter

Keeping the love flowing all month long- and by love I mean luxurious. Spread the love and whip up this super easy coconut butter for all your love bugs! ♥️ What You Need Organic Coconut Oil Essential Oil (I used Citrus Bliss, but you can use whatever you like) Mason Jar Hand Mixer What To