My Favorite Marriage Scriptures: Cupid Approved

Before we dive into some of my faves, I just want to assure you that I in no way live by these perfectly, but I do strive to! In fact, in all honestly, I've been seriously lacking in this area, and this is a great reminder. Valentine's Day is around the corner, so I decided

To My Husband’s Single Friends

To my husband's single friends,Hey there. It's just me, your "bros" wife. Some of you know me, some of you do not. Some of you have joined us for dinner. Some of you have had one too many and stayed over, so I took care of you under our roof as if you were my

How to Start a Money Making Blog for Under $60!

Starting a blog with the goal of monetizing it doesn't have to be expensive or difficult! I learned the hard way, and have tried it ALL. If I can help just one person take the easier route and learn from my mistakes, then I'm happy to do so! The Basics: Hobby vs. Income One thing

How to Keep Your Cool in 5 Simple Steps

We're moms. We're also human. That means we lose our sh*t sometimes. And that's okay, but if you find yourself losing it a bit more than you should, well, take a breather a read on to find out five simple steps to keep your cool. Step One Start your day on the right foot. How

Dear Mamma, You’re Doing Great

Motherhood + Self DoubtWith motherhood comes a lot of things, one of them being self doubt. The responsibilities that come with being a mother can, understandably, be seriously overwhelming at times. I mean, you have a tiny human who's life is literally dependent on you! But ya know, no pressure. As if that wasn't enough,

What to do When the Sickness Hits Your Home: The Essential Oil Way

The sickness. You know exactly what I'm talking about it. It's inevitable. It's not a will it infiltrate my home but more of a when will it break through my walls? If you happen to be dealing with s sick household, put down the lysol and read this! Preventative Measures There are many preventative measures you can take when it's that time.

How to Acknowledge ‘Those’ Days

I'm not one who particular enjoys admitting defeat... but then again who does? I truly strive to be a happy go with the flow type of person, and I do believe that overall I'm quite the optimist. Nonetheless, today happened. You see my 'FriYAY' was more like a 'FriBOO' and I almost fell off the

Diving in to Zendocrine: Essential Oils & How They Benefit You from the Inside Out

What are essential oils? Hang on tight ladies because I'm about to get totally GEEKY! If there's one thing I need on the daily (besides coffee of course), it is ESSENTIAL OILS. Literally, I use them for absolutely everything under the sun. Sore throat? Essential oils. Cleaning? Essential oils. Headache or nausea? ESSENTIAL OILS. Now a

New Year, New Giveaway!

Oh hey, it's a giveaway! If you've been following along the past month or so, then you know this is something I've been planning for the new year! For this giveaway (a first of more to come), I wanted to keep it in line with the overall mantra of "new year new me" and so

Mom Hack: Diaper Bomb Recovery Kit

It's 2018 and one of my goals is to simplify my life. I have quite the habit of making things harder than they should be, but that ends now. What a better way to start than with a super simple hack? **this post contains affiliate links, for more information please see my disclosure** Ahhh, mom hacks. I