Coming to the Blog 2018

New Year, New Blog, Who Dis? 2018 is going to be a major life changer, I already know it! I'm going to put it out to the universe now, my blog will be producing full-time income by the years end. I will be able to pay off our debt in the year of 2018! Pretty big, scary

Weaning| What, How, & Why You Shouldn’t Rush It!

It's late at night. The entire household is asleep- minus you and your thoughts, of course. You have a pen and paper and you're jotting down every little thing you've ever been told about weaning, attempting to make some sort of sense of it all. "Start feeding rice cereal at 4 months." "Wait to introduce

The Breastfeeding Movement that Needs to Happen

Don't worry, this one doesn't involve your boob hanging out for the world to see... • • • Breastfeeding + Controversy Let's start with some facts. Breastfeeding is quite literally the most natural thing a woman can do. It is the very reason we have boobs. That's right guys, our boobs serve a purpose other

Dear Elf on a Shelf Critics: Stop Being Such a Grinch!

** this post contains affiliates links, for full disclosure see bottom of the article ** December is here and Christmas cheer is in full swing.But of course, that's not without controversy. It's abundantly clear (if you haven't yet noticed), that we live in the age of crybabies whose preferred method of transportation is the never