Black Friday (and beyond) Promo Codes for Amazon!

Your carefully calculated cart is now full, and you are so ready to check out! You've checked your list, and you've checked again. You think you are ready to finalize your order... but wait! Here are all the current promo codes available for your Amazon purchases. I took the busy work out for you, and

All the FREE Trials You Need This Holiday Season

We live in the age of technology, and there's not much we can't do online. Of all the subscriptions and services that exist in the world today (thank you Amazon!), I have comprised a list of all the super awesome free trial deals happening this holiday season! *This post contains affiliate links. What does this

Three Candles That Will Transition You Out of Fall & Into Winter πŸ•―

Call me silly if you want, but I'm a firm believer that there are certain candles for each season! Now, we are in that transitioning stage where it's not yet Thanksgiving but people are already playing Christmas music and decorating their tree. So to help you transition, I found three super awesome candles that are

December Blog Plan: What’s to Come πŸŽ„

25 Days or Christmas Challenge Every day starting December 1st, I will be partaking and sharing a challenge on Instagram and Facebook, and I want to encourage you all to take part as well! I will post the guide in advance, but it won't necessarily have to be in the order it is listed. I


β€’ β€’ β€’ Time to get real. There's a common misperception about marriage and kids,Β but fear not. I'm here to clear it up for you! Once you have kids, they take priority, and your marriage takes a seat in the back, right? Wrong. Now before you start raising your pitchforks and gathering the troops, hear

Six Christmas Gifts for Your Littlest Ones (>1)

** disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links ** The Holidays are here and Christmas shopping is in full swing! (I know you've been gathering your emails/newspapers and sorting out where to go first for Black Friday!) Let's be real here, finding the best gifts for all the different people (and ages) in your life can be a

Fed is Best vs. Breast is Best

Ah, the great debate. Something people never told you about joining the ranks of parenthood is that everything is a competition. It's not simply do as you see fit but instead it's a constant competition and bantering over what's best and what's not. I'm sure once having a child you've come to realize that everybody


β€’ β€’ β€’ Maybe it's because it's Friday, or maybe I'm just feeling extra emotional today, the world may never know. I just feel it's important that we all get in some extra cuddles today! Call me silly, but I'm a firm believer that cuddles can solve the majority of our problems!  Feeling frustrated and

Halloween Recap πŸ‘»

β€’ β€’ β€’ Today is the day... that it is officially acceptable to turn on your favorite Christmas tunes and spread the holiday cheer! πŸŽ„ But before we dive head first into the jolly Christmas spirit, let's have a recap of Halloween 2017! It was my baby girl's first ever Halloween, and is very much

Trunk-or-Treat Simple Decorating πŸŽƒ

Time to get spooky y'all, it's Halloween! This year, I tried my hand at Trunk-or-Treating.  Decorating for a Trunk-or-Treat is one of those things that can be super simple or it can be very labor intensive and over the top. I think my best friend and I did a good job at keeping it simple