Did You Know You’re Putting Toxins on Your Skin Everyday?

Have you ever considered that what you put on your face can have an affect on your baby? Let's just think for a moment. When our babies get to the age of I want everything in my mouth we tend to get pretty anal about the cleanliness of things and what we allow in arms

Sensory Play: What it is & Why it’s Important

• • • If you are like the majority of the people living in this world today, you spend more time than you'd like to admit on social media. But don't feel bad, I do too! So with that being said, I can almost guarantee you've seen at least one DIY Sensory Play video on Facebook.

*Daily Dose of Happy #36*

• • • Today is an important one for me. What I'm going to share with you, I hope you take it to heart and pass it on to whomever may need it. I read an article (from the Daily Mail, I believe it was) that brought to light the surprising statistic that millennials are

Organic Beauty: My Go-To Look!

Once upon a time, I spent countless hours playing around with makeup. Whenever we were going out or having people over, you better believe my "getting ready" was a two hour ordeal! That of course, was well before my little princess arrived! Now I look back on those times I took for granted, having endless

Love After Baby 👶🏻

Babies are wonderful, aren't they? So wonderful in fact, it's all too easy to get completely swept up in their perfection. Let's all just admit something here: the minute our babies were born, they had us wrapped around their tiny little fingers! I for one, was pretty obsessed. From the moment my daughter was put

As Your Mommy, Mom, & Mother

• • • Dear sweet child of mine, As your mommy I carried you for nine months. I felt every kick, twirl, flip, and elbow. And when you didn't like something I ate? You made sure to let me know. As your mommy I birthed you after twelve painful yet beautiful hours of labor. I